Starter Motor Solenoid Repair

15 10 2010

I got in the car one morning and when I turned the key, all i hear was click. I tried and tried again but unfortunately the starter solenoid just wouldn’t engage and power up the starter motor.

After getting a lift into work, the next two evenings involved removing the starter and cleaning the contacts. Anyone who knows the 2UZ-FE would agree that getting to the starter is the biggest PITA imaginable. Its located in the V above the block and below the inlet manifold. Removing it requires taking the entire manifold off.

As part of the repair, I decided to fix a thick cable from the starter motors +’ve post and let it protrude out the back of the engine. If the contacts or solenoid ever gave me trouble in the middle of nowhere, I could at least bridge them out and start the car.

Topless 2UZ-FE

Solenoid Contacts Before Cleaning

All clean and ready for installation

Thick cable well insulated and ready for an emergency




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